✊PvP (Poking) (Coming Soon)

Poking is an upcoming addition that introduces an element of risk, strategy, and reward to the world of Xdog. In this innovative feature, players engage in a dynamic game of heist and defense, adding a layer of excitement and unpredictability to the virtual dog-raising experience. Explore the intricacies of this feature through a detailed breakdown:

Behind-the-scenes (BTS)

Before users can claim their farming rewards, they must reach a predefined minimum amount. This reward, if not achieved, is temporarily held in the user's inventory. This sets the stage for the Poking feature, where the stored rewards become vulnerable to other players seeking to capitalize on the opportunity.

Tactical PvP Gameplay

- Random Pairing: In the Poking feature, users are randomly paired with another player to engage in a robbing scenario.

- Information: The player attempting the robbery will be aware of the remaining rewards in the target player's inventory. However, a critical element is concealedβ€”the strength of the guard dog protecting the rewards remains unknown until the encounter begins.

- Skip Mechanism: To enhance strategic decision-making, players can skip up to 5 times per day, per dog. This allows users to bypass houses with insufficient rewards or formidable guard dogs, contributing to a more calculated and risk-conscious approach.

- Daily Robbery Quota: To prevent potential abuse, each dog has a limited number of robbery attempts per day, determined by their level. This ensures a fair and balanced gameplay experience, where users cannot excessively exploit the robbing feature.

Fee Structure and Rewards

- Robbery Fee: Every attempted robbery incurs a nominal fee. This fee acts as a balancing mechanism and contributes to the overall in-game economy. It also serves as a strategic element, as players must weigh the potential rewards against the cost of attempting a robbery.

- Strength Determinants: The strength of the robbing dog is determined by its level and support items. A stronger dog has a higher chance of success in robbing rewards.

- Outcome Scenarios: The outcome of a robbery encounter can vary. Successful robbery results in the robber claiming 10% of the victim's pool reward, in addition to a fee refund.

- Loss Penalties: In the event of a failed robbery attempt, the robber loses both the fee paid and the potential rewards. The victim reclaims the fee, creating a risk-reward system that balances the stakes for both parties involved.