🤝Referral Program

The Referral program in Xdog is designed to reward users who introduce new players to the platform, following a simplified and rewarding 1-tier model. Here's an overview of how the program benefits both referrers and their referred friends, fostering a mutually beneficial community within Xdog.

How the Referral and Earn Program Works?

  • Referrer (F0) Rewards: As a referrer, or F0, when you invite friends to join Xdog, you are positioned to earn commissions from their activities. Specifically, when your referred friend (F1) earns rewards within the game, you receive an immediate commission.

  • Commission Rate: The commission you earn is calculated as 3% of the value your referred friend (F1) claims. This rate is designed to provide a significant incentive for users to participate in the referral program, enriching their experience and earnings within the Xdog ecosystem.

  • Direct Referral Advantage: The 1-tier model means that you earn commissions only from those you directly refer (F1). This straightforward approach ensures clarity and ease of understanding for all participants in the program.