In Xdog, Twitter Chests are akin to treasure troves, filled with surprises and valuable items that benefit both you and your dog. They are strategically placed within Xdog's Twitter feed to offer daily excitement and rewards.

Daily Chest Opportunities

  • Dual Chests Daily: Each day presents an opportunity to open two chests found on Xdog's Twitter feed. This daily engagement ensures a steady influx of rewards and encourages regular interaction with the platform.

  • Routine Surprises: With two chances per day, you're continually on the lookout for ways to enhance your virtual dog's life and your gameplay experience.

Newsfeed Discoveries

  • Hidden Chests in Articles: While perusing Xdog's Twitter newsfeed, be vigilant for three random articles containing hidden chests. These articles are more than just reads; they are gateways to potential riches and resources.

  • Interactive Reading: This feature not only incentivizes staying updated with Xdog news but also transforms routine browsing into an exciting treasure hunt.

What's Inside

Each Twitter Chest is packed with a range of valuable items designed to enhance your and your dog's experience in the Xdog ecosystem:

  • Xdog Reward Tokens (RDOG): The primary currency in Xdog., crucial for transactions and upgrades within the game.

  • Food: Vital for keeping your dog healthy and active. Regular feeding is necessary for their well-being and happiness.

  • Broom: A tool for maintaining cleanliness. A tidy space is essential for your dog's health and morale.

  • Needle: When your dog falls ill, the needle represents the medicine needed to nurse them back to health.

  • Shield: Provides protection for your dog, ensuring they stay safe from various in-game hazards.

Balancing Rewards

The rewards from Twitter Chests are meticulously balanced to provide a fair and engaging experience:

  • Progressive Contents: As your dog's level increases, the contents of the chest evolve to correspond with their advancing needs and capabilities.

  • Gameplay Enhancement: The varied rewards ensure that players are continually motivated to care for their dogs, engage with the game, and explore Xdog's social media presence.