The borrow feature in Xdog introduces a unique financial tool allowing users to leverage their Binance (BNB) holdings as collateral to acquire CSAS tokens. This feature is designed to provide users with a flexible and efficient way to engage more deeply in the Xdog ecosystem without selling their BNB assets.

Using BNB as Collateral:

  • BNB Collateralization: Users can use their Binance (BNB) holdings as collateral in the borrowing system. By locking in a portion of their BNB assets, users can obtain CSAS tokens, enabling them to participate in various activities and opportunities within the game.

  • Collateral Value Limit: To maintain responsible borrowing practices, users can borrow up to a maximum of 85% of the value of the BNB they offer as collateral. This limit helps ensure users are not over-leveraging their assets while still allowing them to maximize their investment.

Receiving CSAS Tokens:

  • Token Disbursement: Upon successfully depositing BNB as collateral, users receive a proportional amount of CSAS tokens. These tokens can be utilized across the Xdog platform, whether for trading in the marketplace, participating in Hunts, or other in-game transactions and activities.

Repayment with CSAS Tokens:

  • Collateral Retrieval: To regain their collateralized BNB, users must repay the borrowed CSAS tokens. This repayment effectively closes the borrowing loop, allowing users to retrieve their BNB while ensuring the cycle of lending and borrowing remains balanced and sustainable.

Strategic Benefits of Borrowing:

  • Liquidity Access: Users can access liquid assets (CSAS tokens) without selling off their BNB, maintaining their investment position while participating actively in the Xdog ecosystem.

  • Financial Flexibility: The borrowing feature offers users a way to leverage their assets for additional utility and engagement in the game, providing a flexible approach to asset management and investment strategy.

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