💰Revenue Sharing

Xdog Revenue Sharing is a symbiotic model where users, by holding CSAS tokens, become stakeholders in the broader ecosystem. This unique approach ensures that participants not only benefit from their individual gaming experiences but also contribute to and earn a percentage share of the fees generated by CSAS trading and various in-game transactions.

Participation Mechanism

To partake in Revenue Sharing, users need to hold a certain amount of the project's native token, in this case, CSAS. The act of holding these tokens becomes the key to unlocking a share in the revenue generated by the project.

Revenue Pool Formation

The revenue pool, from which participants will earn their share, is generated through two primary sources:

  • Trading Fees: Whenever CSAS tokens are traded on the Binance Chain, a portion of the transaction fees contributes to the revenue pool. This establishes a direct link between the project's trading activity and the income potential for token holders.

  • Game System Fees: In addition to trading, fees generated by the project's game system also contribute to the revenue pool. This includes fees associated with in-game transactions, upgrades, or any other activities within the gaming ecosystem.


  • Percentage Share: The percentage share that each participant receives from the revenue pool is determined by the total amount of CSAS tokens they hold in relation to the overall supply. This proportional distribution ensures fairness, with a larger holding corresponding to a higher percentage share of the generated revenue.

  • Passive income: The Revenue Sharing event occurs at regular intervals, providing users with a passive income stream based on their CSAS token holdings.

Withdrawable Rewards

  • Flexibility for Users: Users can withdraw their earned revenue share at any time, offering flexibility and liquidity to participants.

  • Easy to navigate: The withdrawal process is user-friendly, ensuring that users have easy access to the rewards they accumulate through Revenue Sharing.

  • Token Accumulation Incentive: The incentive for users to accumulate and hold CSAS tokens is two-fold. First, a larger token holding translates to a higher percentage share in the revenue pool, directly impacting the magnitude of earnings. Second, this accumulation contributes to the overall stability and liquidity of the CSAS token, enhancing the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Use Cases for Shared Revenue:

The revenue earned through Revenue Sharing can be utilized in various ways within the Xdog ecosystem.

  • Staking

  • In-game activities

  • Trade on external platforms