A decentralized social game powered by Comsats

Xdog is a decentralized social game developed by the CSAS team, aiming to revolutionize virtual pet interactions and gaming experiences. By leveraging blockchain technology, Xdog offers a unique, engaging, and secure environment where users can raise and care for virtual dogs. The platform is designed to blend the joy of dog ownership with the innovative capabilities of decentralized technology, offering a rich, interactive, and rewarding experience.

Key Features of Xdog

Caring Dogs

  • Users can adopt and care for virtual dogs, providing a realistic and engaging pet ownership experience.

  • Activities include feeding, grooming, training, and bonding with virtual dogs.

X Chests

  • Users can explore Twitter feeds to find and unlock chests containing valuable rewards and accessories for their virtual dogs.


  • Maintain a virtual farm to grow resources and earn rewards that benefit the care and upgrading of virtual dogs.

  • Enhances the interactive aspect of the game by allowing users to cultivate and manage their own resources.


  • Virtual dogs can embark on various adventures, facing challenges that test their skills and reward them with unique items or abilities.

  • Offers a range of activities and missions to keep users engaged and entertained.

Earn Together

  • Encourages community collaboration, allowing users to team up and boost their earnings and achievements within the game.

  • Strengthens user interaction and cooperation, enhancing the social aspect of the game.

NFT Marketplace

  • A decentralized marketplace enables users to buy, sell, or trade dogs, accessories, and other in-game items.

  • Facilitates a dynamic economy where users can engage in trade and investment within the game.


  • Users can stake their in-game assets or tokens to earn rewards or interest, adding a financial incentive to gameplay.

  • Encourages long-term engagement and resource management within the game.


  • Introduces a borrowing mechanism where users can leverage their assets to borrow in-game currency or tokens.

  • Provides users with options to manage and expand their in-game assets.

DAO revenue

  • Implements a revenue-sharing mechanism to distribute a portion of the game's earnings back to the community.

  • Incentivizes participation and investment in the game, fostering a prosperous community ecosystem.